Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mooseman Half Ironman, Bristol NH


As you might have noticed it was pretty rainy. NH was not exception. It rained
from start to finish.
The swim was fun, the water was comfortably warm even for me - somewhere in the
mid 60s. My swim time was not great, but given that I did not really swim for
the past two or even three months it was not too bad.
The bike course was hilly with steep uphills and steep, fast and scary since wet
downhills. I am glad I made it through it without crashing. As soon as it went
slightly downhill the triathlon bikes with disk wheel were zooming past me. I
caught them again on the next uphill. I guess aerodynamics make a difference.
I finished with 33km/h average speed - could have been faster, but since I was
scared of the run, I did not want to push it too much.
The run was a disaster. End of Feb I ran a good half marathon in 1:32. That was
also when my running training stopped. Let me say that much. This triathlon
half marathon was nowhere close. ;-) I did my first mile in 8min. From then on
my mileage pace went downhill and the pain level went uphill (exponentially). I
finished the last 2miles with a 64 year old lady as pacemaker. She was awesome.
Unfortunately she had to do another lab of 10k. I hope (am sure) she made it.
After the race my knee started to hurt again, but it isn't too bad (yet). I hope
that it will be better by tomorrow.
On a good note I recovered pretty fast since it was mostly my running muscles
that limited my pace.
and the main reason I even finished the run was that Stacy kept pushing
me while
accompanying me on the bike.
I was ready to bail after 10k. ;-)
A big thanks to Stacy, for helping at the price of getting soaked.

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